Dr. Georgie Statham

Areas of specialization:

Philosophy of Causation, Philosophy of Chemistry

Areas of competence:

Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics



I carried out my PhD at the University of Cambridge. My dissertation lies at the intersection of the philosophy of causation and the philosophy of chemistry: my aim was to determine what we can learn about the causation in general—and the interventionist theory in particular—by investigating the causal reasoning used in organic chemistry. Before my PhD I did a BSc (Hons) at the Australian National University, and an MPhil at the University of Western Australia.

The research I will be undertaking as a Polonsky Fellow aims to apply causal modelling techniques to a number of policy debates, in order to determine the extent to which the norms we accept influence the way we conceive of the causal structure of a given scenario.


‘The manipulation of chemical reactions: probing the limits of interventionism’, Synthese, forthcoming

‘Contrastive causation: a case study’, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, forthcoming