Dr. Sharon Berry

Areas of specialization:

Epistemology, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics

Areas of competence:

History of Early Analytic Philosophy, Aesthetics


Personal website

I gained my BA from Columbia University, double majoring in Mathematics and Philosophy, and wrote my dissertation on the “access problem” in philosophy of mathematics at Harvard University under Warren Goldfarb, Peter Koellner, Ned Hall, and Bernard Nickel. Before coming to Van Leer, I completed a one-year postdoc at the Australian National University.


  • ‘Default Reasonableness and the Mathoids’ (Synthese, 2013)
  • ‘Malament-Hogarth Machines and Tait’s Axiomatic Conception of Mathematics’ (Erkenntnis, 2013)
  • ‘Chalmers, Quantifier Variance and Mathematical Objects’ (in: the Synthese Library Volume Quantifiers, Quantifiers, Quantifiers, 2015)
  • A review of Augustin Rayo’s The Construction of Logical Space (Mind 2015)