Dr. Daniel Telech

Areas of specialization:

Ethics, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Action

Areas of competence:

Philosophy of Mind, Post-Kantian Philosophy, Philosophy of Law


 I completed a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Chicago in 2018, writing a dissertation on the nature and norms of praise, “In Praise of Praise”. I argue that philosophical thought on moral responsibility suffers from a legalistic orientation reflected in the tendency to treat blameworthiness as the model for understanding moral responsibility. By attending to individual reactive attitudes of praise (emotions like gratitude, admiration, and pride), I develop an account of responsibility in theestimability sense, which characterizes our aspirational stance towards other agents and ourselves. Before my PhD, I received a BA in Philosophy from the University of Toronto.


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“The Comparative Nonarbitrariness Norm of Blame” (with Hannah Tierney), Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, 2019 (https://doi.org/10.26556/jesp.v16i1.654).

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