Dr. Olla Solomyak

Areas of specialization:

metaphysics, philosophy of mind

Areas of competence:

philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of physics


Personal Website

I completed my PhD in philosophy at New York University in 2015. My dissertation, supervised by Prof. Ted Sider, was focused on the structural analogies and connections between issues surrounding time, possibility, and the self. Prior to graduate study at NYU, I studied philosophy, mathematics, and psychology at Brandeis University, and spent two years doing research in neurolinguistics.

My current research as a Polonsky fellow is focused on temporal experience and the sense of self – particularly on how to understand the structure of self-experience and its relation to the experience of time. I also have research interests in the metaphysics of grounding and fundamentality, metaontology, and foundational issues in the philosophy of physics.


  • ‘Actuality and the Amodal Perspective.’ Philosophical Studies, 2013