Dr. Uri Weiss

Areas of specialization:

Game Theory, Distributive Justice, Legal Negotiation

Areas of competence:

Law and Economics, Rationality


I am a Polonsky Fellow at Polonsky Academy – Van Leer Institute.  I wrote my doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Robert J. Aumann and Prof. Ehud Guttel at the Center for the Study of Rationality and the Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University. I completed my undergraduate studies in Law (Ll.B., magna cum laude) and Economics (graduate of additional undergraduate program) at Tel Aviv University, where I later completed my master’s degree (Ll.M., summa cum laude, ranked first in class) under the supervision of Prof. Omri Yadlin. I have been a Hebrew University Senate member (Ph.D. students’ representative); a visiting scholar at Bonn University; a participant in many summer schools (Columbia Summer Program in American Law [2003], Hague Academy Public International Law Summer Program [2005], European University Institute Summer Program in Human Rights Law [2005], Hebrew University Economic Theory Summer School [4 times]); and a participant in the Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Economics (one of four young Israeli talents in economics chosen by Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fisher to represent Israel). I have presented my works in many conferences, including the American Law and Economics Conference, European Law and Economics Conference, Israeli Law and Economics Conference (4 times), Stony Brook Game Theory Festival (4 times), as well as other conferences and workshops in France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. I was awarded the Goldberg Prize of the Israeli Society for Labour Law and Social Security (2011) and the Israeli Society for Labor Relation Prize (2011). I also lectured at the Faculty of Law of both Bar Ilan University (courses: “Game Theory and Legal Negotiation” and “Law, Society, and Distributive Justice”) and Haifa University (courses: “Introduction to Tax Law” and “Tax Policy Seminar”). In addition, I have published many op-eds and literary reviews in newspapers, including Haaretz, Yediot, and Globes. I write poetry and short stories and have published a number of them in literary reviews, including Emda Literary Review, Mitam Poetry, and Moznaim.



Weiss, Uri “About Suffering and Law in the Labour Marke”, The Journal of Corporation Law, Forthcoming

Weiss, Uri with Josef Agassi  “Game Theory of the European Union versus the Pax Romana” , DePaul Law Review (Forthcoming). 

Weiss, Uri. “The Regressive Effect of Legal Uncertainty.” J. Disp. Resol. (2019): 149.

Weiss, Uri, 2019, How to Handle with Power Gaps in the Labour Marketplace? Haifa Law Review 2019. (Heb)

Weiss, Uri & Yosef Zohar, 2018. “Is the Game of Plea Bargaining a Game of Extortion”, Law, Society and Culture Series: Justice in the Legal System? Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in Israel ― Problems and Challenges.  (Heb).

Weiss Uri, Love the Stranger, Poems and Essays (Heb), Carmel Publisher (Editor).

Weiss Uri, The Stranger Child, Poems (Heb), 2017, Emda-Carmel Publisher.