Dr. Sinja Kueppers

Areas of specialization:

Greek imperial literature; late antiquity; intellectual cultures; women’s history; Roman slavery; marginal groups.

Areas of competence: Classical Studies; History of Education; Digital Humanities


Personal website

I am a Classicist interested in ancient intellectual cultures and social history. In 2023, I received my PhD in Classical Studies from Duke University, analyzing the role of women and nontraditional learners on the margins of educational communities in late antiquity and challenging the notion of “the” educated elite in Roman antiquity. I am the first Classicist to have received a fellowship from the U.S. National Academy of Education. In my second monograph, I am investigating the role that education played in the liberation of slaves in the Roman Empire and the complex relationship between ancient education and social dependency.

I completed a M.St. in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature at the University of Oxford and a B.A. in Ancient Languages and Cultures at the University of Cologne. During my graduate studies, I developed digital projects for research and teaching.

My teaching experience includes courses on Roman social history, Greek mythology, Christian traditions, and language teaching at multiple levels. Outside of the classroom, I have undertaken additional pedagogical training including a multi-year certificate in College Teaching, a yearlong certificate on Writing in the Disciplines, a fellowship from Duke’s Kenan Center for Ethics on the subject “Teaching on Purpose” and other ad hoc programming. As a first-generation scholar, I am especially committed to supporting underserved students in gaining professional skills.