Dr. Ahmad Amara
Dr. Ahmad Amara Middle Eastern studies, Ottoman law and history
Dr. Almog Behar
Dr. Almog BeharLiterature, Mizrahi and Jewish-Arab Literature
Dr. Ana Bajzelj
Dr. Ana Bajzelj Jainism, South Asian philosophy
Dr. Karma Ben Johanan
Dr. Karma Ben JohananLate Modern Europe; Intellectual History; Religion
Dr. Sivan Balslev
Dr. Sivan BalslevIranian Studies, Gender in the Middle East
Dr. Claire Benn
Dr. Claire BennEthics, Philosophy of Technology
Dr. Sharon Berry
Dr. Sharon BerryEpistemology, Philosophy of Mathematics
Dr. Elvira Di Bona
Dr. Elvira Di BonaPhilosophy of Mind, Aesthetics
Dr. Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi
Dr. Elena Cagnoli FiecconiAncient Philosophy, Virtue Ethics
Dr. Michal Gleitman
Dr. Michal Gleitmanphilosophy of language, continental philosophy, Autism
Dr. Leora Dahan Katz
Dr. Leora Dahan KatzPunishment, Legal, Moral and Political Philosophy
Dr. Casper Storm Hansen
Dr. Casper Storm HansenPhilosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language
Dr. Emily Holman
Dr. Emily HolmanLiterature, literary criticism, literary aesthetics
Dr. Umit Kurt
Dr. Umit KurtOttoman History, Socio-Economic History
Dr. Ofri Ilany
Dr. Ofri IlanyGerman history, History of sexuality
Dr. Torbjorn Ottersen
Dr. Torbjorn OttersenHistorical Musicology, Music and Politics
Dr. Erdal Kaynar
Dr. Erdal KaynarOttoman History, Modernity, Political Economy
Dr. Guy Paltieli
Dr. Guy PaltieliPolitical Theory, History of Political Thought
Dr. Olla Solomyak
Dr. Olla SolomyakMetaphysics, Philosophy of Mind
Dr. Tommaso Tesei
Dr. Tommaso Tesei Early Islamic Studies, Qur’anic Studies
Dr. Georgie Statham
Dr. Georgie StathamPhilosophy of Causation, Philosophy of Chemistry
Dr. Pavel Vasilyev
Dr. Pavel VasilyevSoviet History, History of Emotions
Dr. Assaf Tamari
Dr. Assaf TamariJewish Intellectual History, Kabbalah and Scientific Discourses
Dr. Uri Weiss
Dr. Uri WeissGame Theory, Law and Distributive Justice